Spinal Stenosis

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Figure: MRI showing nerves are compressed in a patient with spinal stenosis

Are You Suffering From These Symptoms Of Spinal Stenosis?

Some Possible Associated Symptoms with Spinal Stenosis include(s):

  • Pain down the legs especially when standing or walking
  • Tingling, numbness down the legs
  • Weakness of the legs
  • Bladder bowel disturbance
  • Back pain
What is a Spinal Stenosis?

Spinal stenosis is a condition where the spinal canal is narrow causing compression of the nerves. Narrowing of the canal can occur anywhere in the spine causing symptoms of nerve compression.

What are the Treatments Available for Spinal Stenosis?

Diagnosis of spinal stenosis can be confirmed with an MRI of the spine. Treatment of spinal stenois can be done with medications, physiotherapy, injections and sometimes an operation.

There are different types of surgical treatment for spinal stenosis. Often a minimally invasive decompression of the spine (laminectomy) can be done with good results. In some cases, treatment of the spine may involve putting in screws to stabilise the spine. The type of surgical treatment of the spine depends on the severeity of the problem as well as the anatomy (structure of the spine). As treatment of the spine is highly individualised with multiple options, a thorough assessment and evaluation is done prior to deciding what is the most appropriate surgical treatment in these patients.

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